The show that taught me my left from my right (in Japanese)

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9 Days of Precure Graphics: Doki Doki Precure

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LOL I love when Stiles is a smartass

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Rest in fucking pieces

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[返信] (~04日13:46)

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All kneel for Daenerys Stormborn;

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Life and Times of Hirofumi Fukuzawa

If Takaiwa Seiji is the quintessential modern Kamen Rider suit actor, then Fukuzawa is that person in Sentai. He is the suit actor for the majority of the millenium Red Sentai starting in 2001’s Gaoranger to 2011’s Gokaiger, Magiranger and Goseiger aside. He also did a few stunt work for Kamen Rider, most notably as Accel in V-Cinema Kamen Rider W Returns. He relinquished being the Red Sentai during Go-Busters to focus offscreen as the show’s action director. He returned as a Sentai suit actor for the Kyoryuger vs Go-Busters movie as suit actor for AbaRed.

Sounds like a really cool guy:

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